think it can't happen to you?
so did these Texans.
"I had no knowledge of where the money went."

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Houston veterinarian Mike became a victim of identity theft when an employee at a bank sold his personal information to an identity theft ring.

Mike said he established a $90,000 line of credit, as an extra line of protection in case he needed it for business purposes. He said the bank supplied him with checks for the line of credit. He put the checks in a filing cabinet at home and thought nothing of them until the bank called to ask why he was late on his first monthly payment on the $86,000 he had used from the line of credit. Mike said he told them he hadn't used the line of credit at all.

Mike said they investigated and found that an identity theft ring had obtained his line of credit account number and account information of other customers and stole $12 million dollars through phony checks written on the accounts.