think it can't happen to you?
so did these Texans.
"I was looked at with a cautious eye and that was pretty devastating."

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Houston police Lt. Mike was a victim of identity theft three times, when he was a sergeant assigned to the HPD Financial Crimes Unit, where he investigated identity theft cases.

Mike said someone opened an online trading account with his personal information and stole $10,000 from a university in an online transaction under his name. Mike said they caught the thief before he could withdraw the money. It was tough at first for Mike to prove he was not a thief.

Mike said an investigation finally determined that his personal information had been stolen from his father's employer database. Mike said that as a child, his personal information was listed in the human resources files for insurance coverage purposes. Mike said his stolen personal information was sold.

Mike said an ID thief established a second trading account in his name in mid-summer 2005 and a third trading account was started in his name at the end of 2005. Mike said he learned about the second and third accounts when he received letters from companies thanking him for opening up the accounts. Mike said that after the first episode, he put a fraud alert on his credit bureau accounts and said his credit was not ruined.