think it can't happen to you?
so did these Texans.
"I'm very skeptical about leaving any personal information about myself after what happened."

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A Texas prison guard, Cedric, learned that he had become a victim of identity theft when he received a call from Kay’s Jewelers' fraud unit in June 2007 telling him that someone was attempting to open an account in his name at a Kay’s Jeweler store in Austin. The company refused to open the account when they realized the person was an ID thief.

Cedric checked his credit bureau report the following month and found that other creditors had run a credit check on him in June. Cedric called Sam's Club and the two jewelry companies and learned that someone had opened credit accounts in his name. He said an ID thief charged $1,200 on one card, $3,700 another account and $3,900 on the other account.

Cedric said he filed a complaint about the ID theft with police and placed a fraud alert on his credit bureau accounts.

Cedric said police believe his personal information was stolen from a dealership where he purchased a vehicle.