think it can't happen to you?
so did these Texans.
"From what you’ve spent that went on my account, you’re living better than I am."

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The 87-year-old widow of a former state representative, Katherine, says an ID thief charged $70,000 on various accounts the thief opened in the widow's name. Katherine said one of the creditors said she owed $12,000 on a Platinum Visa Card.

Katherine said another creditor threatened to repossess her Toyota for non-payment on a loan for the vehicle. Katherine said she told the lien holder to repossess it since she didn't own such a vehicle.

Katherine said she believes a 24-year-old woman was behind the ID thief. She said the thief briefly lived in the same apartment complex as she does.

Katherine said the thief also attempted to obtain a Sallie Mae student loan using the stolen personal information. Katherine said AT&T billed her for $277 she didn't owe, also the handy work of the ID thief.

Katherine said she filed an ID theft complaint with the police department. She said that prior to retirement; she worked for 16-years as a senior accountant-auditor in the state comptroller's office.