think it can't happen to you?
so did these Texans.

If You Become a Victim

If you become a victim, it's important you act quickly. Our Identity Theft Kit will help you stop a perpetrator from continuing to use your identity and help you recover from the effects. The kit has a wealth of information including how to report the crime, work with businesses, close fraudulent accounts, and place a security alert and/or freeze on your credit report.

Also visit the Federal Trade Commission and Texas Department of Public Safety's Identity Theft pages for more information.

You can also contact the Victims Initiative for Counseling Advocacy and Restoration of the Southwest (VICARS) ( VICARS is a program of the Texas Legal Services Center that provides free civil legal services to victims of identity theft and financial fraud.

If another person is arrested and falsely uses your name or other personal information, Texas law allows you to have this information expunged from the arrest record. Contact the Crime Records Service at the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) for more information on the expunction process.