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Instructions for Preparing Exhibits

The Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act requires the judge who holds the hearing to consider your application and make very specific findings regarding each financial account or transaction which your application states was affected by identity theft. You can use the Exhibit form to help you prepare for the hearing and to assist the judge in understanding your facts and entering these specific findings. Thus, you should make several copies of the blank exhibit form and fill one out for every instance of identity theft you will present to the court. To assist you in preparation, attach to each exhibit, copies of any documents which you will ask the judge to review. The judge will then be able to review each exhibit together with any documents and testimony you present regarding such exhibit. The judge will then decide as to each exhibit whether you have been a victim of identity theft. If the judge agrees with you that a particular exhibit and the evidence you present demonstrate you are a true victim of identity theft with respect to the particular matter represented in the Exhibit, the judge will attach that exhibit to any final order entered by the court. The judge may decide to attach one, none or all of the exhibits you prepare to the final order. The judge may also elect to modify these exhibits as well as the proposed order that is part of this package to fit your specific circumstances. As required by state law, the Order and all of the Exhibits attached by the judge will be sealed and not open to the public.

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